A New Hope for your
Recurring headaches

Pro Motion Physical Therapy’s unique headache treatment helps patients become headache free and return to a normal functioning lifestyle.

Why Your Migraine May Not Be a Migraine

Successful management of your headache is dependent on a correct diagnosis.

If you experience any of the following symptoms your headache may not be a migraine….It could be a cervicogenic (sur-viko-genik) headache.

  • Possible Symptoms
  • Pain that limits your daily tasks
  • Nausea, and light sensitivity
  • Reduced movement of the neck
  • A one sided headache without change
  • Stiff, painful joints in your upper neck

Find out about how we can help your headache. No prescription or referral needed*, and we take insurance!

*In most cases

If you have been diagnosed with migraine or tension headaches and are not getting better, you might have been misdiagnosed.

Cervicogenic headache is often misdiagnosed, commonly described as a severe limiting headache caused by disturbance of the upper neck joints, muscles, discs and ligaments. While starting in the neck this headache can send pain to the head, eyes, sinuses, and teeth. Pro Motion Physical Therapy uses a treatment approach which is both drug and injection free, and non-surgical. Our approach is based on solid scientific research

90% of patients find permanent relief
– some after only 6 visits

39 million Americans think they have migraines

53% of patients who have suffered a whiplash have cervicogenic headache

“I couldn’t clean my house or go to work. So much pain I was nauseated. Test after test, many painkillers, nothing helped. At Pro-Motion Physical Therapy Jayne knew right where it was; now I can go on with my life. All the medical bills I have, all I needed was Pro-Motion. ”

- Danielle P.

Schedule your evaluation to find the cause of your headache. Our certified therapists will identify the cause of your headache and provide a treatment plan so that you can find relief as quickly as possible.






Jayne Sutcliffe and Paul Humphries are highly experienced, well-trained clinical specialists who live and breathe physical therapy. They have:

  • Studied, trained and practiced on three continents
  • Served in leadership positions at the University of Chicago Hospitals
  • Published articles and studies in peer-reviewed journals
  • Held position of Associate Professor, Northwestern University Physical Therapy program

“This is the best physical therapy place in the area. Very accommodating and made the whole process easier, since having an injury is stressful enough, their goal is to get you feeling better and staying that way. I will never have anxiety about therapy ever again.”

- Juanita T.



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